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Headquartered in Texas, Citi Errands is a consumer business and individual errand service that is the fastest way to contract anything, in your city, to be picked up and/or hand-delivered in under an hour. Consider Citi Errands your personal assistant, available to you for same-day service. Founded in 2019, Citi Errands is currently serving Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, with focus on becoming the top-rated and major in-city errand service available.


EMAIL:                             Mobile: 830 388 2709

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Citi Errands strives to serve the Boerne area with the Greatest Customer Service experience while meeting an overwhelming need that we all have every day... ERRANDS.


It's the little things, the day-to-day, ever-changing "To Do" List of items that need to be completed, that create some of the biggest challenges for individuals and corporate workers.


Citi Errands can help you eliminate some of the daily workloads that we all face and get the "to do" list done.


Contact Citi Errands to get started on your "To Do" List Today.


EMAIL:                                                               Mobile: 830 388 2709



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