Citi Errands will pick-up and deliver all our documents to the Kendall County Courthouse to be recorded with the Country Clerk for you.

Need to make a Bank Deposit, but too sick or tired to get out in the bad weather? Contact CitiErrands, we'll be over in a flash!

Office to Office Deliveries are just one type of Errand that Citi Errands offers Local Businesses.

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Home sick? Citi Errand would Love to offer you some TLC by picking up that Perscription from your Pharmacy your Doc just called in for you, along with some Chicken Soup and Kleenex for that Runny Nose.

Citi Errands will pick-up your Groceries, bring them home and set them on your counter. As a matter of fact, Citi Errands will take care of your complete Errand List, just so you don't have too! Post Office, Dry Cleaners, Car Wash, Flowers, Need a Gift, name it, we'll take care of it.

Citi Errends cares for your Pet as much as you do. Contact Citi Errands for a trip to the Groomers and back or a quick Walk Outside.

Errand Services